February 3, 2018

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March 26, 2019

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Misconceptions - Gender, Sports and STEM

May 1, 2018

This morning I am sitting reflecting about the amazing PD Day camps we ran yesterday and thinking about how to make the Active Scholars camp experience even better. We launched our first ever Active Scholars camp (basketball and robotics) yesterday in Ajax and in Guelph, and it was a success on so many levels: 80 participants in total, amazing reviews and feedback from both kids and parents.  To sum it up, the campers were engaged and had a blast.


While I am happy with the successful launch, there is always room to improve and I always strive to do better.  In this spirit, I have noticed that the biggest area for improvement is one that keeps haunting me: the female to male ratio in sports specific and STEM specific activities.  Using yesterday as the latest example, at our Ajax site, 32% of our participants (“Scholars”) were female, even though 75% of our staff were female. Did our young female Scholars slay in the classroom as well as  on the court? Most definitely! Did our young male Scholars, who also did their share of slaying, learn and enjoy the activities under majority female leadership? Absolutely! The boys hung onto every word because our female leaders were strong, articulate and engaging.  The boys did not care that most of the counselors were female; they respected and worked with them to grow and have fun.


The Guelph site ratio was even more startling: only 5% of the participants in Guelph were female.  FIVE! What is going on!!!!!!!