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Active Scholars Summer Camp 2022 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

This summer we had over 200 campers attend our Ajax summer camp and expand their minds and bodies by engaging in sports and S.T.E.M. education. From creating their own video games, to virtual reality, to our newest addition of Sphero Bots, our campers flourished in the classroom and were eager to put their minds and their hands to work. Not only that, they were able to partake in physical activity and sports education both in the gymnasium and outside on the field. Our campers ended their summer experience off on a high note by being able to create their own song and showcase their talents in our Active Scholars Talent Show.

Active Scholars summer camp was very fortunate to be able to have many special guests from the community, both virtual and in person, come to our camp and spend time with our campers through presentations, meaningful discussions, and activities. Our campers are always excited to learn new things and engage in activities that divert from the normal regular scheduled day at camp. Here are some of the special guests we were fortunate to have this summer:

Special Guest: Dynamo Field Hockey

This summer, Active Scholars had the privilege of having Vernon and colleagues come to camp and show our campers the sport of field hockey. Dynamo Field Hockey is a recreational and competitive field hockey training and development program based in Ajax to serve the East Toronto and Durham community. Dynamo Field Hockey develops the love of the sport in an encouraging and positive atmosphere. Dynamo Field Hockey provides a pathway to youth accessing programs and services in the realm of field hockey, and believe that every child deserves affordable and easily accessible access to sports education. Below is the social media link and website to the local field hockey organization in Ajax.


Special Guest: ITZ Training

During our most popular week (#BallIsLife) we had the pleasure of having Kadeem and Evan come to camp and lead our campers in basketball drills and skills training. Kadeem was a former NCAA and professional basketball player, and part of ITZ training. In The Zone Training is basketball training for players that want to take their game to the next level, both physically and mentally!


Special Guest: IBM

During our Lights, Camera, Action week at camp, we were able to have Helen, an acting board member for IBM, and colleagues come in to lead a presentation on Cyber Security and Hacking with technology. Our campers were able to learn about the 4 W's of hacking, and got to step into many different lenses by participating in scenario-based activities.

Special Guest: AfrikCore

For our final week of camp, we were able to welcome Debbie to our camp. She is the founder of AfrikCore; a movement medicine experience that celebrates the healing and rehabilitative power of movements from the African & Caribbean Diaspora. AfrikCore Focuses on the hips, pelvis, and spine all while anchored in deep breath-work to move stagnant energy through and from your body. Debbie came in with energetic and contagious energy and taught our campers the art of African Dance.


Special Guest: Ravens Breath Yoga

For our final week of camp, we were also able to invite Raven to meet our campers for a virtual sessions of yoga and mindfulness. It was amazing that Raven went above and beyond for us and volunteered her time to educate our campers on meditation and mindfulness, which is even harder to do from screen to screen. Our campers had a blast learning new yoga positions as well as focusing on releasing tension and stress, being present in the moment, and being mindful of our breathing and body parts.


New Addition: Sphero Bots

Our newest addition to our Active Scholars curriculum in the STEM classroom is the sphero bots! Sphero bots transform the way kids learn with a fun, comprehensive approach to S.T.E.M. education. These sphero bots come with coding, design-and-build kits, curriculum, and engaging lessons and activities that encourage exploration, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our campers used the sphero bots to complete basketball drills on our Active Scholars Sphero basketball mats (as seen in the photo above), and during our battle bots week to compete and battle to victory!

A Look Ahead

Small Group Basketball Training by Active Scholars. Keep your eye out for more information coming next week including a full description and registration!


Education Supports: Park Street Education

Are you seeking education supports for your children? Park Street Education is a non-profit educational organization committed to removing barriers to education by providing virtual accessible after school programming for youth of all ages. There are many scholarships available for enrichment courses and tutoring. Below is the intake form for scholarship opportunities.

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