Robotics - Robots are designed to make our lives easier by resembling the simplest of movements to the most complicated tasks. Our scholars will get to experience the challenging, yet exciting adventure of building and programming their own robots to perform many different functions. With the use of Lego BOOST and other robotic equipment, campers will be able to try numerous building challenges, each with a different level of difficulty to stimulate the engineer in everyone. 

Game Making/Coding - In our increasingly digital world, coding and programming are becoming progressively relevant and popular. As a part of our STEM curriculum, campers will get an introduction into the world of coding and programming by designing and creating their own game. Our scholars will get to explore the endless possibilities of game programming.

STEAM - By combining STEM and art, we encourage our scholars to express themselves and push the boundaries of their imagination. Campers will be able to incorporate their artistic side into different STEM activities such as electrical circuit designs, movie/film making and many more. Think outside the box and be creARTive at Active Scholars!

Electricity - With the newest addition to our STEM curriculum, participants will have the ability to harness the power of electricity. By building a variety of different circuits and learning new vocabulary, our scholars will gain the importance of not only electricity, but other types of energies in our daily lives. 




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