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The Digital Edition of Active Scholars this Summer because:

  1. Safety during a pandemic. Children will engage in fun and exciting collaborative group activities without the risk of exposure that unfortunately comes with physical interaction in these unprecedented times.

  2. Virtual learning is more than completing online documents. S.T.E.A.M. learning can be engaging and fun for children of all ages. There are a huge variety of sites, apps, challenges, experiments children can engage in virtually.

  3. Physical activity is essential to mental health. Whether it’s individual sport development, learning new movement patterns or just getting a child’s heart rate up, exercise is the ultimate vitamin.

  4. The professional teachings of certified STEMthusiast teachers, varsity student-athletes and special guests makes for an elite field of instructors.

  5. It's only $80-100 a week per week and 2 hours a day. We have found the ultimate balance for your Scholars summer days.

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