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The top 10 reasons why your child should be at Active Scholars camp this summer!

Top 10 reasons why your child should be at our Active Scholars camp this summer:

  1. Guest appearances by inspirational role models from IBM, Nike, Warner Bros, as well as Varsity and Professional athletes.

  2. Engaging curriculum developed and delivered by certified teachers.

  3. Our curriculum is designed to meet our individual Scholar’s ability and level. Our teachers and coaches adapt to individual needs and take the time to ensure that our Scholars are expanding and exploring through daily STEM and sports challenges.

  4. Certified and experienced coaches who have worked with children for years developing their craft on the court or on the field.

  5. Our Scholars engage in 21 century learning with an emphasis on further developing creativity, collaboration, problem solving and so much more!

  6. Friday Fun Days feature a variety of competitions and prizes.

  7. Our Scholars develop problem solving skills from daily challenges as they learn how to overcome failure.

  8. Two camps for the price of one! Engaging children for 7.5 hours isn’t an easy task. So when the kids get to have a mix of STEM and sports in one camp, they get the best of both worlds! Our Scholars never stop learning and growing!

  9. Free sport moisture t-shirt.

  10. The squeals of delight, laughs and smiles are all worth it.





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