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Active Scholars is where sports meets education by immersing our campers in S.T.E.M. education while instilling movement skills, character development, health consciousness and teamwork values through sports training.

Science Technology Engineering Math 

Technological advancements are happening very rapidly and have huge impacts on society.  Now, more than ever, it is crucial that our youth have the tools to, not only deal with the rapidly changing landscape but also, help shape it.

Our youth should be prepared to think deeply and to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders who can solve the most pressing challenges facing our world.  Currently, not enough of our youth have access to quality S.T.E.M. learning opportunities and too few students see these disciplines as springboards for their careers. 

S.T.E.M. learning at our summer camps will incorporate computing, automation and engineering with the use of the latest technology.  Our campers will have fun and be challenged to think creatively in a comfortable and encouraging learning environment.


Canadian basketball players are making a name for themselves globally.  Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in Canada because of the impact of the Toronto Raptors and key Canadian role models for kids like Corey Joseph and Kia Nurse - it's no surprise why so many kids want to play basketball! Active Scholars' goal is to teach our campers fundamental movement skills essential for basketball in a fun and competitive environment.


It's important that children participate in a variety of sport and movement skills to improve their physical literacy. Exposing children to various physical activities will help develop transferable movement skills - This means that the skills and movement patterns they learn from one sport can be applied to another.  It also allows their muscles and bones to grow and adapt, therefore decreasing the likelihood, or minimizing the effects, of injuries.  

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